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Bioheat® Fuel Delivery for Western Massachusetts

BioHeat-LOGO.pngAt Coan Oil, we provide ultra-low sulfur Bioheat fuel to help our customers reduce emissions, maintain clean heating equipment and support the United States’ growing alternative energy industry. We’re proud to bring our fuel – a blend of heating oil and renewable biodiesel known as Bioheat – to homes throughout our service area.


Our Own Special Blend of Ultra-Low Sulfur Bioheat Fuel

What sets our Bioheat fuel apart from the competition is the quality and the way we treat our fuel! Here are some things we want you to know about our fuel: 

  • It’s treated with an additive that improves efficiency and prevents fuel-related issues
  • It incorporates ultra-low sulfur heating oil, which contains 99% less sulfur than traditional home heating oil
  • It contains 20-30% biodiesel that’s made from organic renewable resources
  • It cleans your heating system, and keeps it clean

We highly recommend signing up for Automatic Delivery and taking advantage of these convenient services that we provide our Bioheat fuel customers, including:

To place an order for Bioheat Fuel, please call our office at 800-262-6462 or use our convenient delivery request form. If you’d like to sign up for Automatic Delivery, you may call or use the contact form found on this website.