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Click on the questions below to see the answers. 


Q: What is considered an emergency?

A: Coan considers a customer to have an emergency if their heat is not working during heating season or there is a severe oil or water leak. Before you call us for what you think might be an emergency, read our FAQ about "What do I do if there is no heat?"

If you have an emergency, please call 800-262-6462. (Emergency hours vary depending on the season.)

Q: Where Is Coan Oil Located?

A: We are located at 196 West Central Street, Natick MA 01760. Our phone number is (508) 653-5050. Our toll-free number is 1-800-262-6462.

Q: Why do oil prices vary from company to company?

A: Every company sets its own price. At Coan Oil, we employ a staff of experts and provide them with excellent training and equipment. We also carry complete insurance to protect our customers from liability, and we meet all or exceed all environmental requirements. Our customers expect sound business practices and a high level of service and expertise, so we provide the necessary resources to meet their expectations and price our oil to cover the costs we incur. Companies that charge less for their oil generally offer less expertise and carry less insurance.

Q: What can I do now to reduce my energy consumption?

A: The best steps you can take to keep home energy costs down are to seal and insulate your home thoroughly and to keep your heating and cooling equipment up to date to take advantage of the latest efficiency advancements. It also pays to use sensible thermostat settings that strike a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Please consult our Conservation page for seasonal energy-saving tips.

Q: Can you make it easier for me to pay my oil bills?

A: Yes, we can. Our Budget Plan enables you to spread the costs of your heating oil and service contract throughout the year in even monthly payments. Your days of high winter heating bills will be over, because you have only one payment per month, even if you receive more than one oil delivery.

Q: How can I convert from electric heat to Oilheat?

A: Coan Oil can replace your electric heating system with a high-efficiency Oilheat system that will reduce your energy costs. If your home does not have a suitable chimney, we can install a direct-vent system that does not require a chimney. Visit our Electric-to-Oil Conversion page for details.

Q: What is price protection? Do you recommend it?

A: Price Protection is a program that enables you to lock in a price or a price range to eliminate the threat of energy price inflation. You can buy your season's supply at a fixed price, or you can buy it with a capped price and the option to take advantage of decreasing prices when they occur. We never recommend one program over another, because it is a matter of personal choice. It is important to know that you sign a binding contract to purchase oil when you choose Price Protection, and we expect you to honor the contract terms, even if prices don't go where you thought they would.

Q: Can I install central air conditioning if my home has no ductwork?

A: Yes, you can. Coan Oil installs mini-split and high-velocity central air conditioning systems that do not require traditional ductwork. Instead, they move cooled air through flexible ducts that fit inside existing walls. Visit our Air Conditioning page for details.

Q: Do you recommend enrolling in a service plan?

A: We strongly recommend service plans because they provide excellent value. A service plan provides the preventive maintenance your equipment needs in the form of an annual inspection and tuning. An annual tune-up generally reduces energy consumption by 5 percent. Your plan may also include repair coverage that can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a system malfunction.

Q: How often does my heating or air conditioning system require service?

A: Every heating and air conditioning system should be tuned annually. This promotes efficient operation and reduces the chances of premature equipment failure.

Q: What do I do if there is no heat?

A: First, perform the following steps:

  1. Check the thermostat. Set the thermostat 5 degrees above the room temperature. If it is clock thermostat, be sure the timer is set correctly or place it in manual mode.
  2. Check electric switches. Make sure the emergency switch is on as well as all on/off switches at the heating unit.
  3. Check for any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Replace a blown fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
  4. Check the oil tank gauge. Make sure there is oil in the tank.
  5. Push the Red Reset Button ONE TIME ONLY. The reset button is usually a red colored button next to the burner. If the burner only runs for a minute or two, do not press the reset button again. 

If the heating system still does not operate, then call us at 800-262-6462, 24 hours a day for emergency service .