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Heating Service Plans

iS_000014695323-couple.jpgPlan T: Test and Tune-Up

This plan provides periodic service for your heating system in the form of a system test and tune-up that is performed as needed. The test and tune-up includes the following steps:

  • Clean boiler or furnace
  • Test draft
  • Clean smoke pipe and chimney base
  • Warm air systems: Replace air filter(s) (one change per year); inspect and adjust blower belt
  • Hot water systems: Check conditions of visually accessible tankless gasket(s); drain expansion tank
  • Steam systems: Flush low-water cutoff
  • Check for exhaust leaks
  • Cement doors
  • Replace oil filter cartridge
  • Clean or replace oil nozzle
  • Clean and adjust oil nozzle assembly
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Test electrical controls and calibrate
  • Perform carbon dioxide test
  • Take exhaust reading
  • Retest draft
  • Calculate fuel efficiency
  • Adjust for high efficiency
  • Repeat tests (carbon dioxide, exhaust reading, draft)
  • Readjust for high efficiency
  • Prepare written report; attach to heating unit with copy to be filed at Coan office


Plan P: Parts

Coan guarantees to:

  • Perform a Test & Tune-Up as in Plan T within 12 months from date of acceptance and periodically thereafter as long as the plan remains in effect.
  • Provide necessary replacement parts as listed below under "Service Parts Covered" with new or rebuilt material of like quality as that replaced and with no charge for said material regardless of the day or hour the replacement is made.
  • Provide all necessary labor at then current Coan labor rates with the exception of that required to perform the Test & Tune-Up, for which there shall be no charge.
  • Optionally provide like coverage in connection with multiple heating and domestic hot water zones at a minimal additional cost for each zone covered, excluding the kitchen heating zone, for which coverage is included in the cost of the basic plan.


Plan L: Parts & Labor Plan

Coan guarantees to:

  • Provide service and parts included in the basic Parts Plan P but with no charge for travel time or labor required to replace, repair or adjust a part covered under said plan provided said labor is performed during Regular Service Hours as described below.
  • Optionally provide like coverage in connection with multiple heating and domestic hot water zones at a minimal additional cost for each zone covered, excluding the kitchen heating zone, for which coverage is included in the cost of the basic plan.


Domestic Water Heater Coverage

If the property contains a direct-fired oil water heater in addition to the central heating unit already covered by a service contract, a supplement to either Plan P or Plan L is available as an inexpensive option to cover the water heater burner and controls only. Note: Water storage tanks are specifically excluded.

Regular Service Hours

No-Charge emergency service (no heat or severe leaks) as provided under Plan L is available 24 hours per day throughout the entire year. No-charge non-emergency service is available throughout the year between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. excluding holidays and weekends.

Service requested other than as specified above is available at prevailing hourly labor rates.

A minimum one-hour service charge will apply when an appointment is made and the service technician is unable to gain access to the property.

Service Parts Covered

Air filter(s) (Std. 1" only)   Burner fan   Smoke pipe   Oil Storage Equipment
Aquastat Burner head *Blower motor **Aboveground tank
Blower bearings Burner motor Boiler relief valve Oil filter
Blower belt Burner nozzle Circulator - motor(s) only Oil safety valve
Blower pulleys Cadmium cell Combustion chamber (non-steel) Tank gauge
Boiler drain Draft regulator Emergency switch Vent cap and alarm
Boiler gauge Electrodes Expansion tank or equal Primary control
Boiler vent Fuel pump Ignition transformer Thermostat (standard)
Burner air tube Limit control Inlet air shut-off Zone valves
Burner coupling Pressuretrol Low water cutoff  

*Coverage limited to motor of the blower serving the kitchen zone
**Coverage includes replacement and disposal of ABOVEGROUND oil storage tank(s) regardless of size, provided, however, that in no case shall the amount of total coverage exceed $300.00 per contract year in labor and materials under Plan L, or $150.00 per contract year in material only under Plan P, subject to further exclusions set forth below.

All parts not specifically listed above are excluded from this contract including but not limited to the basic boiler or furnace, the distribution system, line voltage wiring, boiler water handling equipment and domestic water heating equipment including tankless coil gaskets. Also excluded are service calls resulting from a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, a switch found in the "off" position and/or frozen lines.

UNDERGROUND storage tanks are specifically excluded, as are fills and vents connected to underground tanks and oil lines regardless of use and location.

This Service Agreement does not, nor is it intended to, prevent or preclude the existence and/or threat of oil spills or leakage from oil storage tanks, regardless of location, or oil lines as a result of deterioration, wear or tear, acts of God, or breakage caused by someone other than Coan Inc.'s agents, servants or employees.

The Service Agreement does not, nor is it intended to, require or oblige Coan Inc. to repair or prevent oil spills or oil leakage without notice from the customer to Coan Inc.

For terms and conditions, please view our Oil Burner Service Agreement (PDF).