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Deb-D.png Thank you to Coan Oil.
Service people, both in office and those who come to my home to fix my furnace problem, especially in those times I couldn’t be there. I trust your employees!

Happy New Year,
Deb D., Marlboro

Addie-M.png Phil, Jack & Peter (some of you who came here),
I just want to say how grateful I am for you who come ... and came! ... to help me with the new thermostat. It's most appreciated.
Wishing you & your families happy holidays.
Sally T.

Addie-M.png Dear Coan Employees:
Just wanted to take a few minutes to send my compliments to Coan Oil and its employees on its exemplary ways of conducting business.

We have been loyal customers of Coan Oil for over 25 years and are very impressed with your service and service staff.

One Dec 10th my furnace stopped operating properly. I called your main number, after business hours, and was immediately connected to an emergency line with a Coan employee, saying, "How can I help you?

I gave my name and number of my home address and within 45 minutes a service rep was at the door.

The service person was very professional and had a great attitude.

Within a very short period of time the furnace was up and running.

Thank you so much for taking care of your customers so efficiently.

It brings truth to the all too spoken, "Your call is important to us."

Coan actually stood by those words.
Thank you again,
Addie M, Hopkinton

Roz-C.png Once again I must commend you on your service! Your technician came in & left me with a fixed air conditioner & I didn’t have to cancel my previous appointment.

Thank you,
Roz C., Framingham

Lou.-S-Testimonial.jpg Dear Coan Oil,

It felt like a pretty easy winter from where I sit - once we got through those early December storms but that's also thanks in large part to your good work. Thank you for taking good care of us again. It's nice to be able to rely on your timely deliveries.

Best Lou S.

Coan-Testimonials2.jpg Dear Coan Oil, Many thanks for keeping us safe and warm!

Bernard, Sachi, Kensei and Seina C.

Coan-Testimonials1.jpg Dear Good People of Coan Oil,

Many thanks for the service contract that keeps you coming out to the house to do maintenance on our (super old) heating system every year. We are grateful that you take care of us like that. Your technician was great, and very helpful. Thank you.

Lori S.

Had a dead circulator pump on the heating system. Noticed an issue before bed sometime right before 11pm tonight. Called the on call tech and they responded within 1hr and 15 minutes. On arrival, the tech listened to my full description of the issue and didn’t cut me off. Watched me show him the different areas affected and what I tried troubleshooting. He quickly determined to have a faulty circulator pump on the heating system and replaced it in 30 minutes. On call tech was very polite, fast and courteous and was pretty quiet considering. Which is great as I had two kids in bed sleeping. Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you

John B.

Dear Sandy,

I want to thank you and the entire team from Coan that was part of the conversion project from electric heat to oil heat at our home. You were kind enough to come back to our home 3 times to answer all my questions since we were not familiar with an oil heat system. We are completely satisfied with the work and our new oil heating system. It is a huge improvement from the old electric heating system; the house is so much more comfortable, we can’t even believe it.

I would like to recognize both Cullen and Dave for their hard work, their expertise, and their attention to detail. It was a big project and it’s a big house and they did a phenomenal job all around. They worked together as an efficient team and plan out each day what they will be accomplishing that day. Their work is impeccable, neat, and they do not take any shortcuts just to get the job done. They work hard the entire day and are both very conscientious. Their craftsmanship is perfect and they worked in the house as if they were installing the heat in their own homes. If you asked me to find something wrong, I would not be able to.

Cullen and Dave are experts at their work and I appreciate all their hard work, effort and patience during the busiest season for Coan Oil. Thank you Cullen and Dave!!

We are extremely satisfied and wanted to take a minute to let you know we are a very happy customer.

Thank you

The C. Family

Lori-S-Testimonial-20190403.jpgDear Coan,

Our luck is bound to run out one of these years - our heating system is very old! But for now we'll just say "Thank you" for all you did to get us through another winter. We appreciate the summer maintenance work and the well-timed deliveries when our tank needs them most. We are grateful to you.


Lori S.

Lynne-K-H-photo.pngFinally Done! I have to say, Coan Oil, Inc did a fantastic job relocating the boiler to a closet in back of family room off the kitchen and installed a 60 gallon indirect hot water heater which is supposed to be more efficient than the old on demand systems these oil heat homes had originally.

Lynne K.H.

It was a peaceful Thursday morning, the day after Christmas. Family from outside the U.S. staying with us for a week in our Natick home. Great memories being made.

One of our guests tries to take a shower and finds no hot water. I go to the basement to check the hot water heater, figuring it would need to be restarted. Instead, I see giant sprays of water bouncing off the walks and pooling across 25 feet of concrete basement floor. The cold water pipe has broken off from corrosion and I have a flood on my hands!

I closed the main water valve to stop further damage. We and our guests are now left with no water at all, hot or cold. I grab the phone to call Coan, thinking we and our guests are surely going to be making our last couple of days of holiday memories from hotel rooms.

A handful of hours later, a miracle happened: A new hot water heater installed and running in our basement, thanks to the great team at Coan!

Thanks to technician Jarred Gigliotti, whose “relentless positivity” kept us feeling so supported, and whose skills with installation made everything happen. Thanks to his partner Allen Barna, who also helped me restore our water logged basement to some semblance of dry. Thanks to Paul Gavin and the folks back in the Coan office, who searched around nearby towns until they located a hot water heater for us and trucked it out to our home. We appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.

Our family has been a customer of Coan since 1983. This is an excellent example of why. Prices are competitive, and your service and staff are unsurpassed.

Thank you all for your efforts on our behalf, and for making a holiday memory with a happy ending.

Michael K.

Dear Coan Oil,

I am always so relieved when winter is over and we can feel good about having survived without any heating problems. Thank you for always taking good care of us with timely deliveries and extra help when we need it. We are grateful. Best,

Lori S.

Art and Sandy

I just watched your oil delivery guy Mark trudge through 6 foot walls of snow and ice to deliver my oil. That type of dedication deserves loyalty. I am DEFINITELY going with you on this proposal. What are next steps? Thank you!


Dear Mr. Coan,

I just want to let you know about a recent excellent experience I had with Coan Oil and specifically with your service department. I had a problem with my tankless system not supplying enough domestic hot water throughout our house. To make a long story short, from the time I first called in to report the problem to when it got resolved, everyone at Coan was most accommodating and helpful, and showed a genuine sense of urgency to resolve my problem in a timely and efficient manner. Just good old-fashioned customer service! But I believe the best way to judge a company's customer service is how they respond to a complaint about their own work. At the risk of getting anyone in trouble (not my intention ... ) I did encounter an issue with how the repair work was initially done in the process of fixing my original problem. The excellent response to my complaint and the final resolution by Ed and his team of both the original problem and subsequent issue truly exceeded my expectations. As a self-employed handyman, I get lots of requests from my customers to recommend other home improvement contractors. Based on my personal experience as well as family, friends and neighbors, if they're looking for a good oil burner company, I always tell them to just call Coan. Please give everyone at Coan involved with my recent service call a big Thank You.

John M. of Framingham

Thank you to Kevin Coan,

It's the people at Coan who have kept us as a customer. The countless professional service techs who came at all hours of the night to fix heat problems and Mr. Murtaugh who assisted in upgrading our heating system, water tanks, etc. over the years as our heating needs changed. Thank you and your team for 30 years of great service.

Tony & Carol G. of Natick

Just wanted to thank the Coan delivery truck driver who was near the intersection of Columbia and Ridge around 8 a.m. this morning (Dec 5). While many service trucks tend to barrel through the neighborhood where there are lots of kids, this driver made it a point to stop his truck to permit my young daughter and I to cross the street. Your driver was very courteous, and I just wanted to say thanks.

Brian J.

I wanted to say "thank you" to Jack for the excellent service he provided me this week. We are in the midst of selling our home and the buyer's had some concerns about our oil burner. Jack arranged for quick service, all the repairs were made, and was so kind as to email and send a letter documenting the services performed for the buyers. Jack's attention to responsiveness, attention to detail, and obvious concern for a customer – even one who may be leaving the fold (depending on where we ultimately reside) – was exceptional and very much appreciated. Thanks, Jack.

Harry K of Needham

Has been impressed with Coan for 55 years and really impressed with our Tech Phil M. this morning

Robert R. of Framingham

Coan Inc,

I just want to say what a great job Charlie and Donnie did at my house. The furnace they took out they never made a mess. Very nice men. Did a great job. I am proud to say I am a Coan customer. I know I can put my faith in Coan's work and workers. Thanks for being there for me since my husband died. Also Phil, Jerry, and Jim, are great guys. I know I am getting the best. Thank You So Much,

Isabel of Bellingham

Dear Mr. Coan,

I look forward to your "Winter Newsletter". The newsletters are informative and helpful. Yes, you give personal service, courtesy and true value for my money and house calls! I have been with Coan Oil for over 30 years and shall continue in the future. I would not change to any other oil dealer.

Jean J. of Milford

We just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service that we received this weekend from Alex. The company provided us with service on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and were able to fix our issues efficiently. Alex was very effective and we want to commend him for doing such great work!

Amanda and John M. of Natick, MA

Dear Coan Oil,

We were very satisfied with the installation of our new oil tank. Removing the old tank was challenging, but the technicians handled it in a very professional way. They were very courteous and left the work area clean and neat. They should be commended on a job well done.

Robert F. of Framingham

Dear Kevin,

I wanted to extend a most sincere thank you to both you and your employees for all the hard work and assistance with my oil tank and related issues. I called for emergency assistance and a crew arrived within 30 minutes. They were professional, and courteous and had all my service needs covered within hours. While there, a crew member took the time to check my tankless water system and made me aware of another issue that, had he not gone above and beyond what I had called for and checked, could have turned into a more serious, costly issue in the future. He made me aware of my options and I had the additional work done, saving me future expenses and problems. Rarely in these times, do we encounter such thorough and caring service, in any business. It's obvious to me that Coan Oil really cares about their customers. I will be pleased to not only utilize Coan in the future but proudly recommend your business to all my family and friends. I was told by my mother, a longtime Coan customer, that when dealing with Coan Oil, it was not only about the oil delivery, but more importantly, about the service and loyalty that Coan extends to their customers. I learned with this experience, exactly what my Mom meant. Thank you so much for all you and your crew have done for me. You have a second-generation Coan customer for life!

Bob W. of Natick

Dear Coan,

We want to thank you very much for your prompt response to our leaking water heater. You got us hot water fast by installing a new water heater. Excellent job!!!

Rose O.

Dear Coan Oil,

We are very happy with our Ultimate boiler installation. We are getting plenty of heat and hot water now, and using much less oil!!

Noreen E.

Dear Coan,

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the service technician that came to our house this afternoon was. He was prompt, extremely courteous and friendly. I just wanted to thank you for responding so quickly to my no heat call with 3 young children at home. I really appreciated it.

Susan A.

Last Thursday May 29, 2014 at about 7:20 AM I found my basement flooded with about a half inch water. The boiler was venting a lot of steam and spraying water onto the floor. After turning off the boiler I called Coan Oil. The receptionist listened to the issue and stated that she would have a someone respond within 2 hours. I was pleased with that quick estimate of response time for what I deemed an emergency. Within an hour Coan Oil Technician Phil arrived on scene. I expected to hear the worst, "you'll need a new everything." Phil quickly diagnosed the problem and explained what had happened, and what he was going to do fix it. A simple valve failure was the cause of this event. For the next hour or two Phil worked on replacing the broken valve and doing regular service on the boiler. During this time I was pumping, mopping, getting fans working to remove the water and moisture from the basement. During this time Phil quickly and efficiently did his work while answering all my million questions with patience, clear explanations, and was never annoyed. I stay a customer of Coan Oil (almost 18 years) for the customer service. Coan's quick response and the quality people they have working is why I stay. Over the years I've met a few of the tech's and was always impressed by their friendliness and professionalism. Phil IS the best example of this, and how it should be done. Please place this letter in Phil's personnel file.

Eddie A. of Natick