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Secure Your Price Online!

As everyone is well aware energy prices are extremely volatile and unpredictable. These volatile markets mean greater risk for you, our customer, for Coan Oil, and for our suppliers. There is no guarantee that locking in a price plan will be in your best interest. You may, in fact, be better off with the daily posted price. However, we understand that each customer has different needs and are offering you these protection plans should prices go up or come down.

How Coan Price Protection Works

  • You choose either our Cap Price Plan or our Pre-Buy Plan (see below) and protect the price for all of your annual supply or a portion of it. (Customers typically ensure the cost of most of their supply for the upcoming heating season.)
  • Once you are enrolled, your fuel price is protected until we have delivered all of the fuel that you protected. If you protect most of your supply, your price-protected gallons will last through the coming winter.
  • Once Coan has delivered all your price-protected fuel, you revert to the regular daily price per gallon. The contract affects only your fuel price and lasts no longer than one year.

About Our Price Protection Programs

Here is a detailed look at our available Price Protection programs:

Capped Price:

The Coan SRP Cap Price Plan provides a maximum price with the opportunity for a lower price if the market moves down. Our cap price program means you won't pay anymore than the max price per gallon, and may pay lower, if our daily posted price is lower on the day of delivery.

Pros - If the price of fuel goes up, you are protected by the capped price; if the price of fuel goes down, you will receive the lower price thanks to downside protection.
Cons - There is an affordable and reasonable fee associated with this plan.

In order to give you a Cap Price Plan, we have to purchase your protection in advance. Due to the volatility in the market, we must have your signed commitment before we can commit to our suppliers. You will be charged a fee to secure your capped price, based on the number of gallons protected.

Pre-Buy Price:

Our advisors have suggested prices could move significantly lower. They also say prices could move higher. The fact is nobody knows! To reduce this uncertainty, we do wish to offer you the Coan Pre-Buy SRP. With this option, you lock in a set price for a specific number of gallons that you predetermine; making one full payment.

This plan also offers an optional Downside Price Protection. Purchasing downside protection means that your price per gallon will be either the Coan posted price of the day or your locked-in price, whichever is lower on the day of delivery.

Pros - You are protected from increasing fuel costs. The risk of inflation is eliminated, and you make one payment upfront and no payments during the heating season.
Cons - Since you are locked into a set price for your agreed-upon gallons, you will not benefit should fuel prices decrease.

Enroll Online. It's Easy.

Ready to lock out inflation for this heating season?  You can complete your Price Protection contract now. Here's how:

STEP 1: If you are a current customer, visit the My Account section and log in. Select the price protection tab, choose your plan option and click on the button for Cap Price Plan or Pre-Buy Plan.
You may also click one of the plan buttons below and log-in using your account number and phone number.
If you are not a current customer, please call the office for assistance.

STEP 2: Select the number of gallons you want to protect.

STEP 3: Electronically sign the Price Protection contract. Coan will mail or e-mail you a copy of your contract.


Cap Price Plan Pre-Buy Plan