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Air Cleaners

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Tired of coughing, sneezing, wheezing and putting up with other pesky allergy attacks? Coan Oil can help make your home an allergy free safe haven thanks to our whole-house air cleansing system. You'll have the fresh, clean air you need to breathe easy and enjoy the beauty of every season. No more burying your face in tissues or rubbing your puffy eyes.

Our whole-house cleansing system works hand-in-hand with your central heating or air conditioning equipment. By working directly with the central comfort systems that pushes heated or cooled air throughout your home, you'll be able to eliminate any bacteria, mold, pollen, dust or viruses floating in each and every room. The whole-house air cleansing system leaves no stone unturned, making sure to fully circulate through every aspect of your home to ensure you never have to deal with poor indoor air quality again.

Our systems use a variety of techniques to decontaminate your air. They include fine particle filters, ionization and ultraviolet lights to eliminate even the smallest dust particles roaming your vents and air.

For more information or to request an installation, give us a call or visit out contact us page to get in touch with one of our professionals.