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Payment Plans

p_86810566-couple-bills.jpgCoan Oil offers smart solutions to make fuel buying easier and more predictable. Our Budget Plan offers monthly payments as an alternative to paying for deliveries as we make them. Our Price Protection programs lock out the threat of inflation and can ensure that you get a good price, whether oil costs are rising or falling. We also offer convenient online enrollment and a number of helpful discounts.

Senior Citizen Discount

All senior citizens qualify for a discount of three cents per gallon on every delivery.

Prompt Payment Discount

Three cents per gallon when you pay within 10 days of delivery.

Budget Plan

When you enroll in the Coan Budget Plan, you know how much your approximate monthly expense is year round, so you won't have to pay big bills during the cold months and just after the holidays.

As you can imagine, our estimation of the monthly budget payment can wind up being off the mark if oil prices should rise or fall significantly, or it's warmer or colder. Most companies give you a set budget amount, so that at the end of the budget year, they may hit you with a large bill. To avoid this, the Coan Budget Plan looks at your balance at the end of every month and may adjust your payment a modest amount. The formula is as follows: If 50 percent of your month-end balance is higher than your normal budget payment, that is the payment due for that month.

For example, if your monthly budget payment is $200, and your month-end balance is $500, then the budget payment for that month will be $250. If the following month your month-end balance is $300, then your regular monthly payment of $200 is due. The Coan Budget Plan will help you avoid getting a big bill at the end of the budget year. For those customers maintaining a credit balance, we pay 2 percent APR interest. Try getting that at the bank or a money-market account.

To learn more about our Budget Plan or enroll in the program, please call our office or contact us online. If you're looking for more information on our Capped Price or Pre-Buy Price program, please visit our Price Protection page.

*Past due payments may incur a finance charge.