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Oil or Gas Boilers


Peerless is one of world's leading manufacturers of cast-iron boilers, with a variety of models suitable for chimney venting or direct venting (without a chimney). Direct-vent models make great replacements for electric heating or heat pumps. High-efficiency models that achieve the ENERGY STARĀ® rating will reduce fuel consumption and save money. All Peerless boilers feature an insulated, enameled steel jacket that reduces heat loss.




Buderus boilers and controls are designed in Europe, where fuel costs are significantly higher than in the U.S. and environmental regulations are more stringent. Models like the G115 are constructed with the highest quality materials and designed to maximize the heating value of every ounce of fuel. The triple-pass design holds the gases in the boiler longer, allowing the cast iron to absorb the maximum amount of heat. A 3" jacket of thermal insulation encases the entire boiler block to reduce standby losses. When paired with the Logamatic control and an outdoor temperature sensor, a Buderus boiler can vary its output temperature to match the weather and avoid room temperature swings.


Lochinvar gas boilers offer the latest in high-efficiency performance and deliver superior heat with less fuel to reduce your heating bills. Lochinvar boilers offer efficiencies as high as 96 percent with condensing stainless steel heat exchangers and fully modulating burners. They come in a variety of sizes for both residential and commercial applications.


Thermo-Dynamics builds the finest in steel boilers, using American steel at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Schuylkill Haven, Pa. In business for more than 75 years, Thermo-Dynamics has its boilers tested and capacity-rated by the Institute of Boiler and Radiation Manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. The boilers use a built-in air scoop for quiet operation and carry an exceptional Lifetime Limited Warranty. If a Thermo-Dynamics boiler should ever fail, the homeowner never pays more than 50 percent of the replacement boiler list price.


Weil-McLain boilers are the #1 choice of heating professionals nationwide and the boiler selected by more American homeowners than any other brand. Outstanding, highly efficient performance, innovative design and a lifetime limited warranty are just a few of the benefits that make Weil-McLain the industry's best value. In fact, Weil-McLain boilers keep visitors to the Statue of Liberty warm and cozy, so you can be sure they are right for your all-American home.



Tankless Boilers

Coan Oil installs tankless boilers and water heaters that can reduce energy consumption when used in a suitable application. To learn more and find out whether you can cut your energy costs with a tankless system, please contact us online or call our office.