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AC Sizing and Your Summer Energy Costs

- 5:32 pm - July 30th, 2020

Some Massachusetts homeowners may believe that bigger is better when it comes to their air conditioning systems. Others might believe that a smaller system will use less energy and save them more on utility bills. The truth is that neither school of thought is the correct one!

The perfectly sized air conditioning system is just what your home needs!

The truth is, air conditioning equipment can be too big or too small for a space – and that will end up costing you more when it comes to your annual energy bill! Here’s a breakdown on how improperly sized equipment can negatively impact your cooling costs.

Undersized Equipment…

  • Will run almost indefinitely as it’s unable to reach the temperature set by the homeowner

  • Won’t be able to remove moisture from the air, leaving you with a humid home

  • Will deliver very little or no airflow to the vents – typically prompting homeowners to further crank up the system.

Oversized Equipment…

  • Will work in quick bursts, cooling a home down too quickly to properly cycle, causing more wear and tear

  • Drains more energy as it constantly starts up and shuts off more rapidly

  • Leaves the home with uneven coverage, causing warm spots throughout the space

With a properly sized air conditioning system, you’ll enjoy optimal levels of cool comfort without spending more than you need to on more frequent repairs or a constantly running system. Are you unsure if your AC system is the right size for your home? Contact us online today and we’ll help you figure it out!