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Breaking Down the Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel Heating Oil

- 2:15 pm - January 11th, 2022

Our delivery trucks are already rolling out and making deliveries as the heating season is underway, but it’s not just any ordinary heating oil we’re delivering to homeowners throughout our service area! Coan Heating & Cooling is proud to deliver Bioheat® Fuel - a greener and more efficient way to fuel our customers’ comfort.

Want to know more about Bioheat® Fuel? Here are a few important things we believe all homeowners should know:

  1. Compared with traditional heating oil, Bioheat® Fuel still delivers plenty of heat energy—measured in British thermal units (Btu’s)—to keep your home warm and comfortable. Because the flame inside the heating oil system burns hotter than other types of systems, homeowners who use Bioheat® Fuel enjoy evenly distributed heat—a big comfort during all those cold days and nights of winter.
  1. Bioheat® Fuel blends must meet rigorous standards set by the American Society of Testing & Materials. As a result, it is one of the cleanest heating sources available on the market today. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly without any need for modifications to an existing heating oil system.
  1. Today’s efficient home heating systems powered by highly refined Bioheat® Fuel help homeowners achieve the same amount of warmth they expect without using as much fuel. Smarter, smaller and more efficient, modern heating oil systems can save homeowners, on average, about 20% or more on their annual heating costs.

As of 2013, every homeowner in Massachusetts that relies on heating oil will be utilizing Bioheat® Fuel in their home heating equipment that contains at least 5% biodiesel. At Coan Heating & Cooling, however, we’re ahead of the game offering Bioheat® Fuel that contains 20% biodiesel!

That’s how dedicated we are to lessening our negative impact on the environment and improving the way homeowners heat their homes. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about Bioheat® Fuel - and don’t forget to sign up for automatic fuel deliveries!