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Breathe Easy: Indoor Air Quality

- 10:00 am - September 13th, 2023

The year, 2023. The month, June. You look up to see a beautiful hot pink sun in the sky. The sphere is so defined, nothing like how the sun usually looks. There’s all this talk about Canadian wildfires but we’re in Massachusetts, so don’t think much of it.


Suddenly, days later, the sky is yellow and smoky, and the air smells really bad. Air quality alerts sound across the States. The Canadian wildfire smoke has traveled across the border and now affects you.


Air quality now remains a part of your vocabulary, but is it just the outside air that’s affected? No! In fact, the contaminated air that roams freely outside has a high potential to get trapped inside your home when windows are open to let in alleged “fresh air.”


From tobacco smoke, to pollen and even viruses, the air you let into your home can be far from fresh. Does that mean you should keep your windows closed year-round? Absolutely not.


Coan Heating & Cooling has, not one, not two, but three indoor air quality solutions to improve your indoor air quality and have you breathing healthy, pure and fresh air at home.


Air Cleaners

Coan Heating & Cooling’s whole-house air cleansing system is the perfect way to keep your home free from unwanted impurities including allergens, dust, household chemicals and harmful particulates. Our whole-house air cleansing system works directly with your home’s central comfort system and cleans the air in every part of your living space. It eliminates the bacteria, mold, pollen, viruses and all unwanted impurities floating around in the air. Installing a whole-house cleansing system will have you breathing in fresh air in no time. 



Dust, viruses and chemicals aren’t the only things that contribute to poor indoor air quality. The level of moisture in your home can also cause impurities in your air and make it harder to breathe. Our Coan Oil technicians can install a central humidification system that works to balance the moisture levels in your home and provide you with a healthy amount of humidity so you can breathe well.



Proper ventilation is essential to keeping a comfortable and healthy home. We install energy-efficient ventilation systems so that your home can smell fresh every day. A ventilation system also allows your comfort system to work efficiently, rather than over working.


There are tons of benefits when it comes to indoor air quality solutions. Poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of problems, including headaches, nasal congestion, and even asthma attacks. Our Coan Heating & Cooling technicians can help you give your home and family the best indoor air quality they’ve even had.


Contact us today to get started and breathe easy with fresher air.