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Choosing Your System

- 10:18 am - April 13th, 2017

When upgrading your air conditioning system, it’s important to know your options so you can make the right choices. Mini-ductless and central air systems are both more efficient than the standard window model air conditioners, but both have their advantages and disadvantages. After we share with you the pros and cons of each system, call Coan Oil and get your new air conditioning system installed before the spring is over! 

Central air pros & cons

  • Pro: Central air conditioning systems are a great way to keep your house cool throughout the summer without having to deal with loud and bulky machinery occupying your windows.
  • Con: In order for a central air system to be installed in your home, it requires ductwork to be placed inside the walls and attic spaces. If you don’t have adequate space for the ducts, then a mini-ductless would be a better choice by default.
  • Pro: With central air you can keep the temperature in your home consistent through every room in the house. One control can raise or lower the temperature, making it easier to maintain the preferred temperature.
  • Con: On the flip side, there’s no individual room control. In order to have a single room a different temperature, you’d need to use a window unit or a separate condenser, which is costly. 

Mini-ductless pros & cons:

  • Pro: Mini-ductless systems are also quieter than a window unit. And since there is no ductwork, it’s more efficient than a central air system because no ducts means no leaks.
  • Con: These units aren’t as easy to hide, and for some, may be a bit too imposing despite their slim, minimal design. Though not bulky by any means (even the equipment outside is significantly smaller than the condenser for a central air system), the fact that it’s visible within the home may not be a selling point for customers.
  • Pro: Mini-ductless systems allow for individual rooms within the home to be different temperatures. Each unit is synced to a remote that controls that room only. This way, there’s no wasted energy being used to cool down an unoccupied space.
  • Con: Your mini-ductless is going to need to be cleaned monthly, especially if there are smokers or animals within the home. A mini-ductless unit’s filter will need to be changed out more frequently than a central air system in order to keep it running efficiently.

No matter what your home needs, we have a system right for you. Mini-ductless and central air are both efficient and less imposing, but suit some homeowners’ needs better than others. Contact Coan today, we’ll help you figure out the best option for you so that you and your family can enjoy the summer in complete comfort.