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Coan Oil at Your Service!

- 12:45 pm - August 28th, 2017

With the summer on its way out, your heating system will soon be on the frontline of the battle for your home comfort. As the temperature drops and the snow approaches, are you confident that your boiler or furnace will be able to hold its own during the war against winter? If not, you will be, with a service plan from Coan Oil backing it up! 

Coan Oil’s heating service plans are perfect for helping your heating system stand up to the wailing winds of winter. Just pick the plan that covers all your needs and you’ll be good to go! 

Test and Tune-Up

This plan will keep your heating system humming with annual tests and cleanings, including:

  • Cleaning boiler or furnace
  • Cleaning or replacing oil nozzle
  • Cleaning flue pipe and chimney base
  • Testing drafts
  • Testing electrical controls
  • Take exhaust readings

Parts & Labor

This plan includes not only testing and tune-up but also parts and labor coverage for certain repairs and replacements. This level of coverage is sure to see your heating system through to the end of winter and back again! 

Some key parts included are*:

  • Air filter(s) (standard 1” only)
  • Fuel pump
  • Oil storage equipment (aboveground tank)
  • Oil safety valve and oil filter
  • Emergency switch
  • Blower bearings, belts and pulleys
  • Draft regulator 

*Not all parts are listed above; to see a complete list of parts included in the plan, click here.

Don’t face the cold alone! Coan has the solution to keep your heating equipment in the fight for your home comfort. Enroll in the right service plan for you by calling or contacting Coan Oil today, and get covered just in time for the return of the brisk fall weather.