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Ensure Total Comfort With Our Water Heaters

- 3:29 pm - October 1st, 2015

Your water heater is often overlooked, but you depend on it for doing your laundry, washing your dishes, and providing you with year-round comfort. With the cold winter months right around the corner, you would certainly agree that one of your water heater’s most important jobs is steaming up your morning shower! After all, a comfortable and cozy shower can make all the difference between a good day and a bad day, and you certainly don’t want your water heater to go on the fritz in the middle of one.

At Coan Oil, we care as much about your comfort as we do about your heater’s reliability and efficiency. With our selection of premium water heaters from Heat-Flo, John Wood, and SuperStor, you’ll get it all:

  • Heat-Flo: Heat-Flo manufactures hot water storage tanks that optimize efficiency by precisely controlling temperature and practically eliminating heat loss during storage. Heat-Flo tanks are built with sturdy stainless steel for superior durability and full insulation that further prevents heat loss. These units can also accommodate the installation of instantaneous water heaters, plate heat exchangers, tankless coils, or most any hot water source requiring storage. 
  • John Wood: Residential water heaters from John Wood provide exceptional reliability and efficiency, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards by GSW, one of North America's leading water heater companies. In fact, John Wood water heaters have such great performance track records that it has become one of the most trusted brands among professional plumbers and contractors.
  • SuperStor: The SuperStor Ultra Indirect Hot Water Heater features a high-output heat exchanger that accepts a higher volume of heated boiler water with minimal pressure drop. As a result, the Ultra can produce large amounts of hot water without sacrificing its renowned cost efficiency.

We believe everybody deserves a comfortable shower and reliable hot water this heating season and every season. Contact Coan Oil today, and we’ll help you pick out the water heater that will fit both your needs and your budget.