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Four Ways To Improve Your Air Quality at Home

- 11:00 am - November 14th, 2023

Poor indoor air quality could lead to excessive sneezing, dry cracking skin and other uncomfortable symptoms. Improve your air quality with these four tips from your friends at Coan Oil.

Your home is a place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed, not sick and itchy!

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with These Four Tips…

1) Have an indoor air quality solution installed – At Coan Oil, we install whole-house air cleansing systems so you can breathe easier and avoid dangerous asthma and allergy symptoms.


2) Have a Ventilation System Installed – Coan Oil installs high-efficiency ventilation systems that can improve your air quality by removing a build-up of pollutants, bacteria and trapped odors. It can also help your HVAC system work more efficiently and reduce your energy bills.


3) Balance moisture in your home – You avoid having dry skin, breathing issues and cracking furniture, walls and wood floors when you have a central humidification system installed by us.


4) Avoid smoking indoors – Smoking indoors can lead to an unpleasant odor and worsened respiratory issues. An air quality solution from Coan Oil can improve your health by removing irritants like tobacco smoke and dust so you can breathe easier.


When you follow these four tips, you’re on the right track to improving your indoor air quality and increasing your comfort. For more information and to schedule a consultation, contact or call Coan Oil at (800) 262-6462 so we can help.