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Get Price Protection From Coan Oil

- 10:53 am - May 22nd, 2017

Coan Oil knows how volatile energy prices can be. As such, the customer may pay different prices per gallon throughout the year, and that can make budgeting and tracking finances difficult. As your full-service heating oil dealer, we offer price protection plans that can help alleviate the stress that an unpredictable fuel market puts on your wallet.

With our Capped Price plan, you will never pay more than an agreed upon maximum price per gallon for your fuel. You will also benefit from any drops in fuel prices, because if the daily posted price is lower on the day of your delivery, you’ll pay that amount. There is an affordable and reasonable fee to lock in your capped price based on the number of gallons protected.

You may prefer to choose our Pre-Buy Price Program. With this option, you make one full payment for a specific number of gallons at a flat locked-in price. This plan also comes with the option for Downside Price Protection, allowing you to either pay the low price you’ve locked in or the Coan posted price of the day, whichever is lower on the day of your delivery.

Both of Coan Oil’s plans protect you from paying extra when fuel prices rise, but allow you to potentially benefit from lower daily prices. You can enroll in one of these plans online today, or contact Coan Oil if you’d like more information on the other services we offer.