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Get the Right Price with Coan!

- 11:23 am - May 4th, 2018

Coan Oil is all about making our customers’ lives easier. That’s why we offer various ways to save money and lock in affordable fuel prices.

Our Budget Plan takes your predicted annual fuel cost for the next year and divides them into even monthly payments. This way, you end up paying the your annual fuel costs over time instead of paying for a bulk of the cost during the heating, and holiday, seasons.

The Cap Pricing Program is where an agreed upon capped fuel price is set for the winter season. Your fuel costs will never go over that set amount – even if fuel prices rise. If prices should fall, however, you’ll pay the lower price for your fuel.

With the Pre-Buy Price you’ll make one payment for a specific number of gallons that you predetermine for the entire year. This way you’ll avoid having to deal with volatile fuel market prices and you won’t have monthly bills to worry about – because you make the payment for your fuel up front.

How much easier can we make your life? Let us know! Give Coan Oil a call to learn more about these great price protection options – and now is the best time to call as most of these programs won’t be available when the next heating season sneaks up on us!