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Go With the Flow

- 12:03 pm - September 18th, 2017

When you think about the factors that go into your furnace’s operation, what comes to mind? You might consider the fuel to produce heat, the electricity to ignite the flame and the temperature setting via your thermostat. However, that isn’t everything your furnace needs to run properly! A commonly overlooked factor of your furnace’s health is airflow. 

Without sufficient airflow, your furnace’s heat exchanger can become overheated and crack – resulting in the interruption of your home comfort and costly repairs down the line. Homeowners may not realize it, but there are ways to ensure your heating system is getting the air it needs. Here are a few things to look out for, especially before the heating season really sets in: 

  • Filters: Over time, dust, dirt and debris can build up on the filters of your heating system. Cleaning your filters regularly, and replacing them when necessary, can prevent clogging, which inhibits airflow.
  • Supply Vents: When the supply vents are closed it, affects the pressure of the system, which can also diminish airflow. Keeping these vents open will keep the air flowing! Another way to prevent issues with pressure is to keep furniture, drapes and dust from blocking the vents.
  • Return Vents: Similar to supply vents, return vents draw in air from the home back to the furnace. If the return vents are clogged with dirt and dust, the volume of air being brought to the heat exchanger won’t be enough to keep it running properly.

If you’re experiencing weak airflow, or a complete lack of warm air, be sure to check the areas listed above. If there’s nothing blocking your vents and filters, it’s time to call Coan Oil! We’ll send a technician over to evaluate your heating system and make recommendations based on their findings. Don’t wait for the next snowstorm to get your heating system back into shape, contact Coan Oil today to get started.