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Heating Oil, Furnaces and Boilers, Oh My!

- 11:33 am - January 22nd, 2020

At Coan Oil, we understand how heating up your home during a Massachusetts winter can take up a bulk of your household budget. That’s why we do our best to make sure your energy dollars go a long way when it comes to the products and services you need to keep cozy and warm!

Count on us for all of your home heating needs, including…

Furnace and Boiler Installation

We install the latest in home-heating technology from trusted manufacturers of high-efficiency boilers and furnaces. Whether you’re replacing an older heating system or you’re installing heating equipment into a new home, you can trust our highly trained technicians to do the job right! We also provide service plans for heating equipment, too, which includes regular maintenance for optimal efficiency.

Bioheat® Fuel

When you receive heating oil from Coan Oil, you’re receiving a clean, green alternative to traditional home heating fuels. Our Bioheat Fuel is a blend of 80% ultra-low sulfur heating oil and 20% biodiesel – which is made using organic renewable resources. These two components combined create a blend of heating oil that help keep furnaces and boilers cleaner, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Speaking of fuel delivery, our customers enjoy receiving their heating oil on an automatic basis! This lessens the chance of running out of fuel and gives homeowners the peace of mind in knowing that Coan Oil is keeping an eye on their fuel levels and making deliveries as needed. Best of all, this service is free!

Your energy dollars have a better value than you might realize! Contact us today to learn more about our home heating products and services, and start receiving your heating oil from a trusted and reliable member of the community!