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How to Stay Warm and Safe During the Coldest Time of the Year

- 8:33 am - December 13th, 2022

Conservation is a term that we hear a lot these days. Whether it's in regard to lowering carbon emissions in the atmosphere or the steps you can take to use less fuel and spend less money, the fact is, conservation matters! 

That is why Coan Oil put together this checklist list of a few simple tasks to help keep that precious heat inside your home this winter. More information and tips on conservation can be found by checking out our conservation tip page on our website.

Winter Conservation Tips

            • Replace any cracked or broken windows

            • Repair weather stripping and caulking that may be damaged

            • Remove air conditioning units from any windows

            • Request a consultation today by calling us at (800) 262-6462

With your conservation efforts in order, and the cold weather all but bearing down on us, Coan Oil made a list of some winter safety practices that you should consider. Keeping you warm isn't our only goal, it's also to ensure your safety and the safety of all inside your home.

Winter Safety Tips

            Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

            Clean the vents and replace the air filters

            Create a plan in case of an emergency

            • Clear your driveway, walkways and the path to your fuel fill pipe of snow and ice

It's very important to keep a clear driveway in the winter, it will help protect people like our postal workers and emergency responders. It also ensures that our delivery and service technicians can safely keep your heating system in top shape.

We hope that these conservation and safety tips allow for you and your family to have a safe and warm winter season. If you have any further questions about conserving heat or winter safety, contact us here.