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Keep Your System Healthy With a Full Tank

- 3:30 pm - March 13th, 2019

With the end of the heating season upon us, we don’t blame you for thinking about putting your heating system to rest for a few months while you go out and enjoy the beautiful weather that waits. Before you do, though, we’d like to remind you of one little thing…

Your final fill up!

It may seem silly to fill your oil storage tank after you’re done using it, but it’s actually very important to maintaining the health and integrity of your storage tank and your heating system as a whole!

Here’s what could happen if your tank isn’t full during the warmer days of spring and summer:

  • The space in your tank provides air pockets where water can accumulate

  • Water accumulation creates corrosion, and will oxidize and rust the tank

  • Water accumulation also promotes the growth of bacteria

  • This bacteria results in sediment buildup that can find its way into your heating equipment, causing further damage

It might sound scary – but there’s a simple solution to preventing these problems from arising! Reduce the chances of water accumulation by keeping your oil storage tank nice and full, even at the end of the heating season, so that you can rest assured that your equipment will remain in good shape. When it comes time for your final fill up, contact us or call to schedule your delivery!