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Low Sulfur, High Performance

- 10:31 am - December 7th, 2016

If you thought all heating fuel was created equal, think again! Coan Oil delivers premium heating fuel that’s a step above the others, helping customers reduce emissions and maintain clean heating equipment while supporting the United States' growing alternative energy industry.

coanOilTruck.jpgOur fuel is a blend of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil and renewable biofuel that’s known as Bioheat® fuel. It’s safer, cleaner, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and promotes better air quality. Plus, Bioheat is produced right here in the U.S. Coan’s fuel blend is a cut above what other dealers sell, because we purchase the best fuel our suppliers can provide and treat it for superior performance. The fuel that gets delivered to your tank:

  • Incorporates Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, which contains 99 percent less sulfur than traditional, high-sulfur heating oil, and helps improve efficiency, lower maintenance requirements and reduce particulate emissions
  • Is treated with an additive that further improves efficiency and prevents fuel-related problems
  • Includes renewable biofuel made from organic resources such as plants and waste cooking oil
  • Promotes better air quality
  • Cleans your heating system and keeps it clean

We encourage our customers to choose Automatic Delivery of their heating oil. When you enroll, Coan Oil will calculate your oil usage and automatically schedule deliveries throughout the year. You’ll never have to worry about monitoring your tank, or running out of fuel during a winter storm or with a houseful of holiday guests. We do it all for you, using past fuel usage and weather patterns to design a delivery schedule specially for your family. And you get this at the same price you would if you were calling for every delivery.

Contact us and get the benefits of Bioheat fuel – automatically!