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Oilheat: The Safe Way to Heat Your Home

- 10:36 am - January 14th, 2019

When it comes to heating their homes, Massachusetts homeowners want what’s best for them and their families – especially when it comes to safety! According a recent article released by the Boston Herald, Massachusetts state records indicated that the state had more than 34,000 reported gas leaks in 2017. Oilheat, however, doesn’t impose the same risks of leaks or explosions that natural gas does. In fact, it’s been touted as being a safe and reliable way to heat a home!

Here are a few of the safety facts to consider when choosing your home heating energy source:

  • Oilheat will not burn in a liquid state. In order for the fuel to be ignited, it needs to first be heated above 140 degrees – at which point the fuel vaporizes.

  • Oilheat is not explosive in its liquid form. If you were to drop a match into a tank of Oilheat, it’d simply fizzle out as if it were dropped into water.

  • Oilheat storage tanks are built strong. State-of-the-art steel and fiberglass coupled with double-walls of plastic and steel, and tank monitoring sensors, provide ultimate protection from already rare tank releases.

  • Oilheat systems will let you know if there’s a problem. If an Oilheat system should malfunction, it’ll release visible warnings (such as smoke or soot) that act as early indicators long before dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can be released into the air.

In addition to these safety facts, Oilheat dealers (like Coan Oil!) provide 24-hour service for their customers. If there’s a question of safety, homeowners can call their local Oilheat dealer for prompt assistance. For ultimate peace of mind, you can’t go wrong with Oilheat! Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about safe, clean, and reliable Oilheat.