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Prevent Cool Air From Escaping With An A/C System Evaluation

- 12:27 pm - June 16th, 2017

Do you seem to run your air conditioner all day, only to still feel trapped by the worst of summer heat? If it seems virtually impossible to properly cool your home, the cool air being produced by your A/C system may be escaping from your house, making your air conditioner work twice as hard.

Air can squeeze through even the smallest of spaces – a small leak may not appear to be detrimental to your home comfort systems, but a number of them could add up to a big problem. Ductwork can become separated, punctured or damaged over time, cool air flows into attic or through wall spaces, and gaps around windows and doors can form as the foundation of your home settles. All these “small” issues are wasting your energy dollars!

Coan Heating and Air Conditioning offers free system evaluations and consultations on air conditioner upgrades. If you have any concerns about your current system, or know you want to upgrade to a more efficient model, contact us today!