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Prevent a Predicament With a Practical Pre-Winter Plan

- 9:18 am - October 20th, 2016

The word “emergency” means different things to different people. Ask a dozen friends and you’re likely to get a dozen different responses. However, as any frost-bitten homeowner who has suffered through an unheated winter night will tell you, if your heating system isn’t working during heating season, THAT is an emergency. As with many “emergencies,” the best way to avoid one is to prepare before it happens.

Giving your heating system a quick pre-winter once-over is easy and takes only a few minutes. Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn up the heat – At least 5 degrees higher than the current room temperature. If it’s a clock thermostat, make sure the timer is set correctly or place it in “manual” mode. A working heating system will spring into action in a minute or two, letting you know you’re ready to take on the cold months ahead.
  2. Check your switches – This includes the emergency switch as well as all on/off switches at the heating unit.
  3. Check for any blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers – If necessary, replace any blown fuses or reset your circuit breaker.
  4. Check the oil – Check your tank gauge to make sure there’s oil in the tank.
  5. Push the “Reset” button ONE TIME ONLY – The reset button is usually a red button located next to the burner. Do not press the reset button a second time under any circumstance.

This simple checklist will let you know your system is ready to take on winter’s worst, and might even get you back up and running during an emergency without the need for a service call. If your heating system still won’t operate, call us at 800-262-6462. Of course, if your heat goes out at any time for any reason, Coan technicians are ready to serve you 24 hours a day all year round for any emergency service you might need.