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Winter is Coming... is it Time to Upgrade?

- 10:44 am - July 14th, 2023

With the warm nights and long days of summer, we understand that your heating system might not be the first thing on your mind. Don’t worry, that's what Coan Heating & Cooling is here for! If your heating system has been causing you more problems in recent winters, such as increased maintenance and repair calls or higher monthly fuel bills, it might be time to start thinking about an upgrade!


In addition to increased energy bills and maintenance costs, inefficient heating systems can produce more greenhouse gas emissions. Your system will have to work harder and use more heating oil to provide you and your family with adequate comfort. This will increase your carbon footprint and lead to more emissions being released into the air. Now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your equipment!

If you experience these warning signs, it could be time to upgrade!

  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old
  • There is uneven heating throughout your home
  • You’ve noticed an unexplained increase to your fuel usage
  • Increased service calls per year
  • Strange noises can be heard coming from your equipment


We understand that heating upgrades can be a big investment for families, which is why we are pleased to offer no-cost evaluations! Our no-cost evaluations consist of:


  • Checking the performance and efficiency of your current heating system
  • Offering properly sized new heating system options to ensure optimum performance and efficiency
  • Discussing any available rebates, you can earn for upgrading to new energy-efficient equipment
  • An inside look at our top-of-the-line boilers, furnaces, water heaters, oil tanks, and burners


If you think it’s time to upgrade, it probably is! Don’t wait for winter. Call Coan Heating & Cooling at 800-262-6462 or contact us here to schedule your no-cost evaluation today!