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Now, You Can Turn Your Home Green With Coan Oil

- 12:04 pm - November 21st, 2017


When considering how you want to heat your home, think alternative energy, such as Coan Oil’s Additized Low Sulfur B20 Bioheat® fuel. It empowers you to protect the environment and increase your heating equipment’s lifespan and efficiency all at once. 

What is it that makes Coan Oil’s fuel unique? Let’s break it down 

Heating Oil: 

The heating oil component of Coan Oil’s fuel is ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), which contains 99 percent less sulfur than traditional, high-sulfur heating oil. This translates to only 15 ppm sulfur content – resulting in a 75% reduction of sulfur dioxide, 10% reduction of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide by 2%. Using ULSHO alone brings you closer to living green, but Coan takes it one step further with…


The “bio” in “Bioheat® fuel” represents biodiesel. When biodiesel and ULSHO are blended together, you get Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat® fuel provides clean and efficient heat, without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Biodiesel is also made with renewable resources, such as soybean oil and other animal and plant byproducts. You don’t get much greener than that! 


Coan Oil blends our B20 Bioheat® fuel with a special additive that enhances the already impressive benefits of Bioheat®. The additive aids in the prevention of fuel related problems, such as the buildup of sludge, which can lead to equipment breakdowns. Not only does the additive clean your heating equipment, it keeps it clean and operating smoothly for years.

With this specially blended fuel, you can rely more on your heating system’s ability to keep you warm, worry less about late night winter breakdowns and improve the way your home’s heating system affects the environment. And don’t forget, the fuel isn’t the only thing keeping your system running right – regular preventative maintenance from Coan’s expert technicians will keep you comfortable year after year. For more information on Bioheat® fuel and other services we offer, contact Coan Oil now.