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9 Conservation Tips You Need to Save Big This Winter

- 10:32 am - November 12th, 2015

Everybody loves saving money, but if you want to make a meaningful impact on your energy bills this heating season, it’s necessary to take the time to inspect your home and make sure the indoor heat your equipment produces stays indoors. Follow these 9 tips to prevent energy leakage and save the most money in the cold months ahead:

  1. Look for air leaks around windows, doors and electrical outlets. Repair gaps with caulking and weather stripping where necessary, and replace any cracked glass in your windows.
  2. Make sure your ceiling has at least six inches of insulation.
  3. Wrap your pipes to guard from heat loss and freezing.
  4. Have your fireplace chimney cleaned and inspected for flaws.
  5. Check your doors for gaps above your home’s flooring. Use a bottom seal that can be attached to the bottom of the door to prevent drafts.
  6. Get your heating system tuned up by a Coan Oil technician before the heating season begins.
  7. Inspect your home’s ductwork and make sure it is in good repair.
  8. Remove air conditioning units from windows.
  9. Close your kitchen vent, fireplace damper and closet doors when not in use.

Sizeable savings don’t always require brand new equipment. Getting into good conservational habits like the ones listed above can save you a large sum of money at very little cost. Click here for additional useful conservation tips you should keep in mind all year long. Be sure to contact Coan Oil to schedule your heating system tune-up if you haven’t already.