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A Great Time to Convert to Oilheat

- 12:02 pm - January 21st, 2016

Do you still rely on electric heating to keep you warm in the winter? Frigid New England winter temperatures make the expense and inefficiency of electric heat hard to ignore. Why put up with another year of rising electricity cost? Instead, get the comfortable and efficient home heating you deserve – convert to Oilheat.

Coan Heating and Cooling has converted hundreds of Greater Boston homes to Oilheat, and it’s no mystery why. Oilheat delivers more satisfying comfort than electric heat, and it’s far more economical. As you’ve probably heard by now, oil prices are at the lowest they’ve been in years, making this a great time to become an Oilheat user.

We begin the conversion process by visiting your home to determine what kind of Oilheat system will best suit your comfort needs. We’ll review all your options and go over the different systems available, to help you get the heating system that’s right for your lifestyle, your home, and your budget.

Contact Coan Heating and Cooling today to learn more or request a fuel conversion.