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What's Your Favorite Delivery Method?

- 11:35 am - February 11th, 2019

We all have a favorite: be it a sports team, a brand, a band or a car manufacturer, we like the things we like! Well, the same can be said about your favorite method of receiving your home heating oil from Coan Oil! Which do you prefer? Automatic Delivery or Will-Call Delivery?

Both methods have their benefits, including:

Automatic Delivery gives you…

  • Assurance that your deliveries are made promptly when you need them

  • Freedom from having to track your fuel uses and call for deliveries

  • A significantly reduced risk of running out of fuel

Will-Call Delivery gives you…

  • Total control over how much fuel you’ll receive

  • The ability to track your own fuel usage

  • An easier way to budget your heating costs since you’ll be directly in control of the amount you spend on your fuel

While there’s no right or wrong way to receive your heating oil delivery, at Coan Oil we highly recommend our customers enroll in our Automatic Delivery service. It simply makes keeping your tank full much easier and it costs just the same as it would if you called for your deliveries. Interested in learning more? Call or contact us today and ask about our heating oil delivery options!