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Get Exactly the Protection You Want for Your Heating System

- 11:24 am - September 26th, 2016

As a customer-centric company that has been in business for 70 years, we have learned a lot about what homeowners really want. Our customers have told us they want services that work for them, as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t really fit anyone.

We have applied this knowledge to the service plans that protect your heating equipment. Every home is best served by having a basic maintenance agreement like our Plan T, and beyond that, individual customers have different preferences when it comes to insurance-type protection.

Here is a capsule look at our plans.

Plan T: Essential Maintenance
This plan provides periodic service for your heating system in the form of a system test and tune-up that is performed as needed. We strongly recommend this for every home for two key reasons.

  • When we check and tune your system, you know its condition, and we make replacements and repairs as needed to promote reliable heating.
  • When we tune and clean the system, you reduce your fuel consumption, often by as much as 5 percent.


Plan P: Parts Replacement
This plan (which includes all the elements of Plan T) reduces your costs in the event of a repair by covering the cost of many replacement parts. If you want to reduce your exposure to repair bills, Plan P makes good sense.

Plan L: Parts and Labor
This is the plan for the customer who wants to minimize the risk of repair costs, because it covers both parts and labor. It replicates the coverage in Plans P and T and adds coverage for any labor related to Plan P repair and replacements, provided the work is performed during Regular Service Hours. The plan can be expanded to cover heating zones, as well. This way, the price on each plan is appropriate for the size and sophistication of the heating system.

Domestic Hot Water Coverage
Coan Heating & Air Conditioning also offers coverage for your hot water system.

As a Coan customer, you can get exactly the coverage you want, priced appropriately to the size of the system. You’ll have coverage from an expert heating team, and your costs will be reasonable. You’ll find more details on the Service Plans page, and the Terms and Conditions are outlined here.
To change your service plan coverage, please contact us or call our office at 800-262-6462.