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Protect Your Air Conditioning Equipment With a Service Plan!

- 4:00 pm - May 10th, 2019

Pretty soon, your air conditioning system is going to be playing a big role in your home comfort. That means the last thing you’ll need is a breakdown during a sweltering summer afternoon! Not to worry… Coan Oil’s comprehensive air conditioning service plan will help!

Signing up for an air conditioning system service plan gives you access to a multitude of services that keep your system running at peak efficiency, and reduce the chances of a system breakdown.

There are three levels of protection available to our customers:

AC Check-Up

The most basic plan involves testing air flow, pressures, controls and more, in addition to checking refrigerant levels, and replacing the air filter.

AC Check-Up & Parts – I Agreement

Includes everything in the AC Check-Up plan, while adding on coverage for the replacement of more critical parts, such as the fan center, blower belt, standard thermostat, and more.

AC Check-Up & Parts – E Agreement

Our most comprehensive service plan covers everything included in both the AC Check-Up and I Agreement, while further expanding on the parts covered under the plan to include the condensing fan and fan motor, capacitors and more.

In addition to the coverage of parts mentioned above, any customer who is enrolled in a service agreement will receive priority scheduling over non-agreement customers! If you haven’t signed up for AC system protection, contact us online today to enroll!